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What they are for

Fire hose reels are used to provide a controlled supply of water to combat any potential fire risk involving combustible solids and require connection to a pressurised source of water either from the mains supply or a storage tank.

Our Range

Our high quality range of fire fighting hose, pumps, reels and fire fighting accessories are compliant to Australian Standards. All our fire hoses are covered by 1 year warranty, economically priced and are simple to operate and maintain. Our range includes:

  • 36m fire hose
  • 50m fire hose
  • Fire hose pumps
  • Fire hose reels

How do they work

Fire hose reels can be used by building occupants to fight fire, providing it is safe to do so. They are generally located to provide a reasonably accessible and controlled supply of water to combat a potential fire risk, especially where building occupants are trapped and cannot escape to an emergency exit.

Hose Reel Maintenance

Maintenance of hose reels should be carried out as per Australian Standards compliance requirements. Monthly checks may be carried out by the building owner or their representative. However, it is mandatory that annual checks are carried out by a qualified maintenance representative.

Our qualified and licensed technicians can carry out a range of tests to ensure your fire hose is compliant including inspecting anchor points, hose guide and fittings, damage in the hose or bearings as well as checking appropriate access to the hose.

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