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What they are for

Fire extinguisher cabinets are designed to protect your fire extinguishers from the environment and reduce the opportunity for intentional misuse. Fire extinguisher cabinets will ensure that your fire extinguisher is easily accessible but protected for use in an emergency.

Our Range

We stock an extensive range of fire extinguisher cabinets including products suitable for internal or external wall mounting options. Our fire extingisher cabinets are hard wearing, long-lasting and easy-to-use and install. We have options for any environment from corporate offices to industrial workplaces. Our range includes:

  • Metal fire extinguisher cabinets
  • PVC fire extinguisher cabinets
  • Fibreglass fire extinguisher cabinets

Where to store your fire extinguisher

Our sturdy fire extinguisher cabinets can be wall mounted internally or externally. Ideally located at roughly elbow height so the user can grab the handle easily. If damage due to people traffic is an issue, you should consider locating it in a fire extinguisher cabinet.

The requirements for the location of fire extinguishers is governed by the Australian Standards. There are no simple rules to follow because each building is different in layout and potential for fire. There are some general guidelines for locating fire extinguishers on the wall, and for the travelling distance to get to a fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguisher signs

A fire extinguisher should be accompanied by signeage showing what sort of fires it can be used for and a location sign. The fire extinguisher location sign is mounted above the ground and indicate that a fire extinguisher is located underneath. The sign should be placed so that it is clearly visible for up to 20 mtrs.

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