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Fire Hydrant Accessories

Fire Hydrant Accessories

What they are for

A fire hydrant system that has been installed within a workplace or propety is a strategically designed water supply with sufficient pressure and flow to provide adequate water for fire-fighting purposes. These systems can include boosters where mains pressure is not adequate, or when the system is tank fed.

Our Range

We stock a good range of parts and accessories for your fire hydrant. Whether you need to make repairs to your hydrant or need to boost the pressure in the hydrant service. Our accessories range includes:

  • Fire hydrant risers
  • Fire hydrant fittings
  • Fire hydrant valves
  • Fire hydrant pipe
  • Fire hydrant boosters

Fire Hydrant Testing

A working fire hydrant is essential to control the spread of a fire, protect neighbouring properties and extinguish an outbreak of fire. Fire Hydrant systems need to be regularly inspected, tested and maintained by a qualified and licensed technician to ensure continued readiness for use.

Fire Hydrant Location

The hydrant itself is the part of the system that connects fire hoses to the water supply and has a valve to turn the water on or off when needed. The location of the hydrant can be determined based on Australian Standards and should be easily accessible locations to attack any fires quickly.

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